Pinball LEDS by DRAPL 


Pop Bumper LED Light DISC with the DRAPL Signature Name.
Adjustable Brightness!  Give your machine the look it deserves!


Choose #44/47 Bayonet Base.

Available Colors


 Hues:  Yellow  Green   Red   Blue


7 SMDs on top, with a single SMD 5050 Center and 4 White SMDs to Light the Bumper Skirt!

We have added a brightness screw, so you can match the brightness or enhance the levels of your GI to your taste! Really cool!

All have a natural white bottom color.

Treat your machine to some accent lighting with our new pop bumper led lighting.

Here are some videos with our led pop bumper rings.     

Kiss : LED Pop Bumpers Without Caps On.

This is another video with the caps on the Bally Kiss Machine.  WOW!!!  Pimp your machine the DRAPL way with Pinball LEDs by DRAPL.

Kiss : LED Pop Bumpers With Caps On.

 Here are some picture showing the DRAPL difference.

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LED Pop Bumper LED Light BA9S

  • Brand: DRAPL
  • Product Code: LED Pop Bumper LED Light BA9S
  • Availability: 1425
  • $4.00

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