But my solidly lit LEDs flicker/strobe?

The opposite problem can happen as well. A bulb that is supposed to be lit solidly might be flickering/strobing. This is extremely common with Bally & Stern early solid state games. Someone even developed a plug-in board to help solve the problem through hardware. We recommend that easily installed adapter board, which allows you to use our regular bulbs (usually for a lower overall total cost), but if you don’t want to go that route...

There is a fix! Ultimate Optix, aka Flux bulbs. These bulbs are more expensive than non-ghosting bulbs, but have an added benefit. They have a small capacitor inside (a battery, essentially) which stores a small charge for a short period of time. You can easily see this is action by taking out one of these bulbs out of your game and holding it up to your face. It will still be illuminated for a brief moment! To make a long story short: if an LED is quickly flickering when it should be lit, a flux bulb will be your savior.

BA9S #44 #47 5050 non-ghosting Flux Bulb
Comes in a wide range of colors.   
From white, cool white, warm white, green, blue, amber, red and yellow, we got you covered.
Great for dark areas in games.

Support a Canadian Supplier.

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