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Clean and easy install.  No more Flex bulbs or connectors your need to mount.  Take your old button out and screw new clear flipper button to our back connector piece and wire to any 6.3V circuit using matrix wiring.    Easy to install connector to the start button of any game to include all modern stern games.   Comes with two buttons, your choice of red, blue, green yellow, white, cool white led strip, three 3 feet matrix extension cable, one two to one connector, one effects controller and your standard clips, T10 and 555 matrix plug ( NOTE:  the T10 and 555 are not matrix light connectors.  If you required do not forget to order the connector separately. )

Includes black cover to keep light from being observed between the flipper button and playfield.   

Comes with:  Controller, One one to two spliter, One 3 foot extension matrix wire, two flipper button kits with choice of color smd strip.

AVAILABLE COLORS:  Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Cool White and Warm White

Treat our game to new flipper button light up kits.  Another product from Pinball LEDs by DRAPL.

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Flipper Button Light Up Kits with Controller

  • Brand: DRAPL
  • Product Code: Flipper Button Light Up Kits with Controller
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