Pinball LEDS by DRAPL 


SMD LED Strips with the DRAPL Signature Name.
Give your machine the look it deserves by creating your own mods with our plug and play design.


Available Colors

White         Hues:  Yellow  Green 

 Red  Blue


These strips can plug into any socket,
and clip to any 6.3V source.Add two strips centered 
on the front of an apron, to light up your Flippers!
Use anywhere in your GI! Face up, face down to 
light trails, feature ramps, scoops. anywhere!

Comes in 6 SMD length strips 
and will fit into any base.

- You receive all 3 adapters with each 6 SMD purchased.

Teat your machine to some accent lighting with our new pop bumper led lighting.

Here are some videos with our led strips.  WOW what a difference!!!!

Doctor Who : Topper LED Mod

Here is the finished TOPPER.  Treat your machine to a mod it deserves.

Doctor Who : Topper LED Mod Video Two

LOTR : Led Mod Of Ring, Trough, Left Kickout

Here are some more pictures.  The DRAPL Difference.

Finished Product.   Pimp your games with Pinball LEDs by DRAPL!!!

Flinstones MOD.  The DRAPL way....


After.  WOW!!!  Pimp your games with Pinball LEDs by DRAPL.


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Striplight LED

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