Fix strobing and Blinking bulbs

 Fix strobing and Blinking bulbs

How to fix strobing and blinking bulbs in your pinball machine

Posted by Ryan Wanger on May 30, 2023

The situation is this: you’ve installed LEDs into your early solid state Bally or Stern machine, and now some inserts have started blinking even though they’re supposed to be solid. What now?

Blame the LED technology of course! The voltage isn’t consistent at the socket and LEDs bulbs will unfortunately dim instantly (rather than an incandescent, which took so long to dim when the voltage dropped that you didn’t notice a thing). This is similar to the problem of ghosting (link to ghosting post), which happens when an unlit bulb flickers subtly. But thankfully, Comet Pinball can come to your rescue, with one of three different options:

  • Flux bulbs: These bulbs have a built -in capacitor which stores a charge, so that when the voltage drops, they continue to shine. This is the simplest and cheapest option if you are only experiencing the issue on a few inserts. The bulbs themselves cost about $1 more than a comparable standard bulb, and your style choices are limited. 

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