Game Specific Led Kits

Game Specific Led Kits

Pinball LEDS by DRAPL 


Matrix  LED Game Specific Kits 6.3 VOLTS!

SMD LED Strips with the DRAPL Signature Name.
Give your machine the look it deserves by creating your own mods with our plug and play design.

As we are always here to make it easier for Canadians to purchase products in Canada, DRAPL

has released 3d printed game specific led light kits to dress up your games and add the extra bling your game deserves. 

Each kit comes with plastic 3d printed insert, one one foot connector, one two to one splitter, one 3 foot connector, clips and adapters to make your installation as easy as possible.   

Select the colour led strip you would like to come with the kit and away you go.  Follow the instructions and online videos.  Keep in mind you are dealing with power and if you short something, you run the risk of damaging either the machine or the led strip.

Links to New Video:

Installing Lighting Mods on a Stern Spike 2 System

Installing Lighting Mods on a Stern S.A.M System



Stern Led Speaker Kit.   

Stern Shooter Rod Kit

Getaway Shift Gear Kit

Hot Shot Shooter Kit

Bally Paragon Shooter Kit

Gottlieb Cactus Jack Shooter Kit

Game Specific LED Light Kits

Game Specific LED Light Kits

Pinball LEDS by DRAPL NEW AND NOW AVAILABEMatrix  LED Game Specific Kits 6.3 VOLTS! _____..


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